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Byron Bay https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/6/byron-bay Taking some time to reflect in byron bayTaking some time to reflect in byron bay

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Thailand https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/6/thailand

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Esoteric Festival Video https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/6/esoteric-festival-video Wow this party was just absolutely mind blowing. It would have to be my festival highlight for the year. 


ESOTERIC FESTIVAL 2018 - OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE from Jurassic Melbourne on Vimeo.

The festival scene has changed a lot in the last few years, and in some not so good ways. The amount of rubbish left around the place in particular is something I've noticed has been getting worse. As new faces turn up in droves without the experience or mindset to look after the place, things can quickly degenerate. To my great relief, this was not the case at Esoteric. The place was kept in immaculate condition by the punters and the vibe was all the better for it. 

Make sure you get down next year! I already cant wait for a repeat of this one. TAS will be doing 2 stage takeover which will be pusing the boundaries of what anyone has seen in production in Australia up to this point. So Stoked!

I was really happy with how this came out overall. There are a lot of techniques I'd been wanting to execute but hadn't quite had the opportunity to have a go at that I was able to do in this production. I think my colours still need some work; but this will come in time, as I'm still relativley new using the Sony systems. 

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Kudos and DJ Lickweed live at The Town https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/6/kudos-and-dj-lickweed-live-at-the-town One of my best buds. Live at The Town.


Just such a great performer.

Kudos DjLickweed - Slowdown. Live @ The Town 2018 from Jurassic Melbourne on Vimeo.

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Patrick Topping https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/6/patrick-topping Docklands absolutely packed out!



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Rabbits Eat Lettuce https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/5/rabbits-eat-lettuce It's always fun to get out of town for some work interstate. I really enjoyed being on site for this one. The location is absolutley stunning and the vibe created with installations and artwork really made it something special.

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Stacey & Alex's weding https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/5/stacey-alexs-weding Stacey and Alex or Stalex as they are sometimes called are two of the most fun loving people I have ever met.

Their wedding was a day filled with so much laughter it's hard to convey with words. Hopefully the these images will do it some justice.


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Grouch in Dub Band at Earth Frequency Festival https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2018/3/grouch-in-dub-band-at-earth-frequency-festival Really happy to finally complete and release this project. Grouch in dub and band at Earth Frequency Festival. 


Hope you like it. 


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Annas basket video https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/annas-basket-video It's so nice to finally publish this piece. It was completed a while ago but I never got around to publishing it. Filmed over the course of two years, this video walks you through the process of weaving a giant basket made from vines in Far North Queensland. 

Anna The Basket Weaver from Jurassic Melbourne on Vimeo.

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Back to blogging https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/back-to-blogging Well its been quite a while since I've maintained a blog, but it feels like the time is right again to start putting my work out there. Perhaps it might help to inspire or motivate others, or at the very least a diary for myself to look back on from some distant future. 


I had a great day shooting yesterday with JPA, a good friend and accomplished DJ and graphic designer. You can check out some of his tunes here


I was really happy with how both concepts came out. It's really nice to get some studio work done and see a concept through from inception to completion. 


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Oregon Eclipse 2017 https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/oregon-eclipse-2017 What an amazing week. If you've never seen a solar eclipse to totality, I highly recomend you do everything in your power to see one at some point. This entire festival was a complete journey. I wasnt working so I only took the camera out a few times. But when I did, it was totally worth it. The stage design and art installations were top knotch. Anyway, enjoy the journey. First up, here are a few videos we put together for Grouch, and Opiuo. 

Grouch Eclipse 2017 from Jurassic Melbourne on Vimeo.



GROUCH IN DUB,  ECLIPSE 2017 from Jurassic Melbourne on Vimeo.

OPIUO, ECLIPSE 2017 from Jurassic Melbourne on Vimeo.


And now onto the photos.


So the line to get in was long... very long. We were very glad to have been in our RV lovingly named Baubo. After about 14 hours of waiting in line we finally made it in.

Dana checking out the line

Toby hanging out the door.

A couple walking past the yoga shala

About a thousand people doing yoga

The Earth stage at sunset

The inside of the earth stage canopy

Merry go round like art installagiton

A child inside a light sculpture. Uone and Western


The yoga shala at night

Interactive light sculpture in front of the art gallery

Floating temple

Fire sculpture at sunrise

The Earth Stage.

The Sun stage at sunrise

Grouch in dub


This stage was made by an aussie crew. 



Hot air balloons at sunrise

The sun temple before the eclipse

Inside the art gallery.

I'm not quite sure what this place was called but it reminded me of the lost boys camp from the film Hook.

Inside the geodome; immersive 3D visulalisations by android jones. This thing totally blew my mind.


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Hair by Jennalee https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/hair-by-jennalee It is so much fun to collaborate with your friends. My fiance Dana, and I shot this for our friend Jennalee Bonney for a hair dressing competetition. Hopefully she wins! 

Photography and lighting: Me and Dana Beligan
Hair: Jennalee Bonney

Styling: Isa Lovisetto

Below: Shot by Dana Beligan



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KOLSCH https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/kolsch Thick As Thieves present Kolsch at The Forum

I always love shooting this venue. It's just so epic. It can be a bit of a challenge because a lot of my tricks dont work in such large spaces, but the performance and lighting were on point so we got some pearls in the end.

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KUDOS https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/kudos Some portraits for Kudos' upcoming release "Stop Trying" 

Mad love brother.

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SUBSONIC 2017 https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/subsonic-2017 It's always a pleasure to head up to north and experience some lush greenery, choice tunes and amazing performances up at Subsonic. 

Chillin out in the river is the best way to escape the heat.

If your not one for sitting still, balancing river stones is a favourite past time.

The light funneling down the river displays a strong blue, perfect for isolating subjects.


The river is long and windy, undulating between deep pools and rocky shallows.
The greenery in the area is a nice change of pace for a city dweller such as myself. 

The main river bank has the vibe more of a public beach. Groups of friends hanging out, all having a good time. 

The river stage (above) sits about thirty meters form the rocky section of the river, which is nice if you want to listen to some tunes while you relax.

By night, the river stage is gorgeous. Super vivid colour combinations light up the surrounding trees. 

I had my Tarot read and it was surprisingly accuratley. IT drew the portrait of a figure trying to balance positive and negative aspects. Despair on one hand, swiftness on the other. The way forward? Victory.

The stompo stage typically offers something a little heavier if you really want to get your stomp on.

Heres a shot of the opening ceremony. Welcome to country is always an important part of any good party. This mob were gracious in sharing their culture and allowing everyone to all join in to kick things off.

A.B Original performing on the main stage. Gotta say, I thought I was pretty clever with the colour cast representing the indiginous flag in this shot.

The lifestyle village was always a mix of activity and relaxation. I just caught the end of Yoke. I wish I had made it down sooner, all those who participated looked totally blissed by the time I arrived. 

Another way to escape the heat. The Ramen Run was a fun way to get wet. 

Just before a talk on indigenous values and culture.  Lots of live music on the main stage. There really is something for everyone at this party.

Slacklining and juggling are always entertaining.

Elf Transporter from Combat Wombat, tearing it up.

A new look takes over from last year. A shift toward illustration and away from traditional graf.

Big shout out to world UV body painting champion Andra, who goes by Inner Colour, on this masterpiece. 

Big village showcase, repping some ozzie hip hop.

Found a unicorn. It's hard to go past a good horn section.

The main stage just before a torrential downpour.

This poor guy trying to save his controller. I think it might be a little too late.

The Paradiso stage. Amazing always.

DUBFX on the mainstage

Fire performances nightly showcased some skills and techniques I hadnt seen before.

Thermo love booster. This bad boy took off at 4am on sunday morning. 

The shock of seeing a dinosaur in the flesh.

Some more work by inner colour.

Main stage at sunset


Butterfly on the dancefloor

Rodriguez Junior on the final day.

The mainstage at dusk

A view of the main festival area from backstage

Chillinon the thermo love booster, waiting for some fire.

Fire fire fire!

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CLAPTONE https://www.jamesgillot.com/blog/2017/12/claptone It was really great to see this show come to be. I've been working with the guys at Thick As Thieves longer than anyone else. Their ethos typifies everything thats positive that can come from running a music, events and touring label. Check out their sounds, if you dig it, I'd highly recommend checking out one of their shows. 

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